Міжнародний семінар News 

International seminar

   An international seminar organized by the scientists of University of Sheffield was being held from February 27 to March 2 in Sheffield (UK). It was aimed to study issues related to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and fuel-containing materials (FCM) management of the “Ukryttia” object at the Chornobyl site. In addition to representatives from ISP NPP there are about 20 researchers from Britain, representatives of universities and research organizations of Sheffield, London, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow took part in a seminar.

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Магате News 

Participation of scientists from ISP NPP in the IAEA workshop

   On 12-14 September 2017 there was held a workshop with IAEA experts’ participation within the framework of measures on decommissioning of the 1-3 Units of the Chornobyl NPP. The main task of the IAEA mission consisted in discussion issues of scientific supports concerning the decommissioning of nuclear power generating plants. IAEA experts shared European experience on decommissioning of nuclear power units and spent fuel and radioactive waste management at the workshop that was held in Slavutych and ChNPP.    The workshop activity with foreign and Ukrainian participants, including scientists…

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Чернобыльская зона глазами сталкера News 

Book presentation “Chernobyl Zone through the eyes of stalker”

    Recently the Ukrainian publishing house «SKY HORSE» presented a book into the world consideration «Chernobyl Zone through the eyes of stalker», one of the authors of which is an scientist from the ISP NPP Sergiy Paskevich. Book is well illustrated with pictures which are exactly 100 in publication and contains descriptions of the places of interest of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. It is a peculiar guide to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone makes the reader aquainted not only with objects related to ChNPP and works on the elimination of the 1986…

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IAEA inspection at the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP

   Functioning of the ISP NPP of NAS of Ukraine is under the constant control of the Department for Nuclear Safety and Security of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).    From 6 to 7 September, 2017 by inspectors of Vienna International Center (IAEA) Diego Manzipe Jimenez and Syn Chong Sin there were conducted inspection surveys of the territories of Institute, areas of laboratories and office premises in Kyiv and Chornobyl in order to verify the absence of undeclared nuclear material and those institution activity mismatching to statutory tasks. From…

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Візит китайцев News 

Visit of representatives of the Chinese corporation to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

    On 15–16 August, 2017 representatives of the Chinese company Qingdao Xianchu Energy Development Co., Ltd had accomplished a working visit to the Exclusion Zone. Within the framework of the concluded cooperation agreements with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the ISP NPP in order to intensify active cooperation in the field of nuclear facilities decommissioning and safe nuclear technology it was held a meeting between Chinese specialists and Director of ISP NPP of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Anatoly Volodymyrovych Nosovskiy also the…

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Інститут Йозефа Стефана News 

Training at the Jozef Stefan Institute

    From May 22 to August 20, 2017 the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was holding a training course for young scientists within the IAEA program STEP (Sandwich Training Educational Program). Young scientists from Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Cameroon took part in that event under the guidance of well-known scientists, trained and conducted scientific studies to determine the concentration of tritium in the atmosphere.    The junior researcher at Department of Design Objects with Radiation and Nuclear Technology of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP – Andriy…

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Division for nuclear and radiation safety

Head of Division Krasnov Viktor Oleksandrovych Division structure: Radiation Monitoring Department Nuclear Safety Department Department for Remote Complexes and Technologies Department for Radiation Material Sciences and Radiation Instrument Engineering Scope of Division work: Investigation of the Shelter object  in order to forecast its nuclear, radiation and radioecological safety, conduct of radiochemical analysis, alpha-gamma-spectrometry of air, water, soil and FCM samples in the Shelter object and on its industrial site, and research and development of activities aimed at developing and implementing new procedures for environmental impact assessment; study of physicochemical properties…

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Division for Design of Objects with Radiation and Nuclear Technologies

HEAD OF DIVISION Rudko Volodymyr Myhailovych Tel.: (045 93) 5-17-07     Volodymyr Mykhailovych Rudko graduated from the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute in 1975 with speciality Industrial and Civil Engineering. He started his labour activities in the State Research Institute of Building Constructions (NIISK), where he worked as engineer, junior researcher and researcher. From 1992, being integrated in specialists group of this Institute, he carried out the researches of technical state of Shelter object’s structures. In 1994 he was appointed as the Head of newly created Department of Building Structures,…

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