A model of Shelter object dismantlement was created by scientists of ISP NPP

   Scientists of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP, NAS of Ukraine had completed the development of a three-dimensional model of «Early» dismantlement of the Shelter object unstable structures. This model represents conceptual design decisions for the structures dismantling resulted the joint action of the specialists of the ISP NPP, SE «State research institute of building construction» (NIISK), «Kyiv Researsh and Design Institute “Energoproject”» (JSC KIEP) as well as SSE «Chornobyl NPP».

   «Early» dismantlement is the first stage of work priority implementation on dismantling of the most «problem» unstable structures that should begin by the putting NSC into operation and complete by the end of 2023.

    List of unstable structures of the Shelter object, liable to the «Early» dismantlement was determined by the results of assessing the probability of their collapse and due to its impact on the nuclear and radiation safety.

   During the dismantling it is planned the maximal use of remote technologies  (the NSC main cranes system,  remotely controlled aggregates, mobile tool platform etc). Personnel should be delivered to the work area by means of special protective cabin to  reduce significantly the radiation exposure of staff.

   3D visualization results of dismantling is presented in introductory video demonstrating the entire logical chain of works in the sequence defined by the conceptual design decisions.

    This video can be used not only for educational purposes, but also for the training of personnel that should be involved, in the sequel, into the dismantling works at the Shelter object.

    Model was developed in the Division for Design of Objects with Radiation and Nuclear Technologies (headed by V. М. Rud’ko). The authors of 3D model are О. V. Balan, S. S. Pidbereznyi.

Figure – 1 Use of mobile tool platform of the main cranes system for the metal constructions’ cutting

Figure – 2 Route of the protective cabin  for personnel transportation to the work area


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