Construction of the storage for highly radioactive wastes at the Chornobyl NPP

      It is planned to construct a high-level radioactive waste storage facility that would be located in the premises of the Turbine Hall of the 1st stage development of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Робоча група на початку виконання досліджень (представники ІПБ АЕС, НДІБК, КІЕП та ДСП ЧАЕС)
Research implementation working group (representatives of ISP NPP, SE NDIBK, JSC KIEP and SSP ChNPP)

      According to the tender results PJSC «Ukrenergomontazh» was designated as a general contractor for the construction of the storage, and as a general designer – JSC KIEP. ISP NPP as a subcontractor participates in works on ensuring radiation safety during construction and installation works.    

      At yet, specialists of the ISP NPP have completed the comprehensive research on the radiation situation in areas of construction and assembly works for the storage construction. The purpose of those studies was to obtain raw data-out for the planning arrangements for radiation protection of building staff and minimization of radiation impacts on the environment during the construction works.

      The results of radiation measurements in areas of work conduct and on the access paths displayed the dose rate of radiation in the range from 0,4 to 116,0 μSv/h and density of surface contamination – from 10 to 11 000 beta particles / cm2 · min. At the same time, the main dose generating radionuclides in the surveyed premises are 137Cs and 60Co, which  signifies the presence of both operational and emergency radioactive contamination of surfaces.

    Today, using the results of radiation research and project decisions, a Safety Analysis Report is being developed during the construction of storage.

Проведення радіаційних досліджень у приміщеннях машинного залу 1-ї черги Чорнобильської АЕС
Conduct of radiation research activities in premises of the Turbine Hall of the 1st stage of the ChNPP

а) dose rate measuring

b) sampling of radioactive wastes

c) measurement of the angular distribution of gamma radiation

d) measurement of the gamma-ray energy spectrum

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