Determination of background of radionuclide contaminations of the Central Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility site

     Scientists of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine are carrying out studies to determine background radionuclide contamination of the Central spent nuclear fuel storage facility (CSNFSF) site. The work is conducted within the framework of the contract “Performance of work on the scientific and technical support at the stages of construction and commissioning of the CSNFSF”. During the field studies, sampling of objects of the environment were carried out for the assessment of radiation situation parameters at the site, in the sanitary-protective area and the CSNFSF observation area. The aim of the studies is to obtain the data for the analysis of the radiation impact level of the CSNFSF object on personnel and the environment, as well as to register the radiation well-being level on the territory of the CSNFSF site before its commissioning.

     Studies involve the following stages of work:

  • refinement of sizes and boundaries of the sanitary-protective area and CSNFSF observation area, determination of geographic reference points;
  • determination of the scope and possible methods of radiation observation in relation to the location of buildings and CSNFSF objects;
  • carrying out radiometric studies of the site in the CSNFSF perimeter;
  • sampling of gutter water;
  • determination of the scope of laboratory control of the surface air and precipitations;
  • determination of places of planchets for precipitations sampling;
  • determination of places of installation of air sampling devices;
  • sampling of precipitations and air in the CSNFSF perimeter, sanitary-protective area and observation area;
  • laboratory studies of selected samples of precipitations and air.

     Scientists of the Division for Design of Facilities with Nuclear and Radiation Technologies (headed by V. M. Rudko) and Division for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (headed by V. O. Krasnov) of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP are participating in the studies. During the studies, radiometric observations of the CSNFSF territory were carried out, sampling of gutter water was conducted, planchets for precipitations sampling were installed, and air sampling was carried out in the CSNFSF perimeter and sanitary-protective area.

     Laboratory studies of the environment components samples, which were taken during August 2021, currently are being carried out.

Carrying out of radiometric studies

Installation of planchets for precipitations sampling

Gutter water sampling

Air sampling in the CSNFSF perimeter by portable sampler with big air loss and digital flowmeter F&J DFHV-1E

Air sampling in the CSNFSF perimeter by the filtering and ventilation device “FVD “VENT” (type PCC 8/25)

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