Videoconference on Fukushima NPP post-accident problems

      The Fifth Meeting of Programme Review Group (PRG) of OECD/NEA (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development / Nuclear Energy Agency) ARC-F Project was held on July 5–7, 2021, via the ZOOM videoconference, arranged by the JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) and NEA. The partners of PreADES (Preparatory Study on Analysis of Fuel Debris) project were invited to join the whole part of ARC-F (Analysis of Information from Reactor Buildings and Containment Vessels of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant) PRG meeting. The work had been started daily at 13.00 and was lasting for four or five hours. On July 8, joint Information session for PreADES, ARC-F, and TCOFF (Thermodynamic Characterization of Fuel Debris and Fission Products Based on Scenario Analysis of Severe Accident Progression at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant) took place.

    The participants of this videoconference were familiarized with the latest information on 1F (Fukushima NPP 1) decommissioning and progress of joint task force for formation mechanism and characteristics of debris based on 1F analysis results. At the end of meeting, the last revision of PreADES summary report was approved. It was also proposed to establish a framework for international cooperation before the fullscale debris retrieval starts (the trial analysis of debris “TryADES”). Discussion on these proposals will be continued between Japanese organizations and international experts. What important is that all the participating organizations agreed that there was value in continuously implementing subsequent NEA projects associated with the 1F accident in order to keep information exchange channel between organizations in Japan and in NEA member countries.

    From the ISP NPP of Ukraine’s NAS, Viktor Krasnov and Valentyn Bezmylov participated in the PreADES project.

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