Ukrainian Nuclear Society Conference

     The Conference of public organization “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” was held on May 30, 2019. Nearly 70 delegates from separated subdivisions of UkrNS participated in the Conference.

     Hryhorii Muliar, the President of UkrNS, opened the Conference. He made a report on work of the society for two last years. Beside of information on implementation of planned works, it was announced that UkrNS became a full member of European Nuclear Society (ENS). It has been unanimously decided during electronic voting of General Assembly of ENS on May 10. According to the results of discussion, 10 places were given to the UkrNS in General Assembly of ENS.

    Danylo Lavrenov, Executive Secretary, made a report on work of UkrNS Secretariat, and Antonina Benkovska, Deputy Head of Audit Commission, made a report on results of financial and economic activity.

     During the Conference, reports were approved and work of society was admitted as satisfactory. Participants of the Conference unanimously supported the decision on participation of the public organization in publishing the Journal “Nuclear Power and the Environment”. The Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of NAS of Ukraine, SE “State Scientific and Engineering Center for Control Systems and Emergency Response” and Public Organization “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” are co-founders of the Journal.

     Hryhorii Muliar was elected as President of the Society, Danylo Lavrenov – as Executive Secretary. Board of Directors and Audit Commission also were elected.

     From the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of NAS of Ukraine Anatolii Nosovskyi, Director of the Institute, Eugenia Kudin, Director Assistant, Oleksandr Mykhailov, Head of the Sector for Neutron and Physical Processes Modelling, Ihor Zhuganiuk, acting Head of the Sector, and Andrii Sadovnikov, Head of Department for Remotely Controlled Complexes and Technologies, participated in the Conference. Anatolii Nosovskyi and Oleksandr Mykhailov were elected as members of UkrNS Board of Directors, and Eugenia Kudin – as member of Audit Commission.

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