ISP NPP Specialists Work Trip to China

   Technical visit to China of the group of specialists of the Department for Remotely Controlled Complexes and Technologies consisting of Andrii Sadovnikov, Oleksandr Proskurin, Andrii Bulatov, Yurii Lytvyn, Roman Samodelok, Oleh Kyryliuk was held from July 20 to August 17, 2019, within the framework of international cooperation between the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine and Chinese company Qingdao Xianchu Energy Development Group Company. During the visit to experimental plant Qingdao Xianchu Energy Development jointly with Chinese engineers experimental model for retrieval of detectors Instrument Thimble Assemblies (IITA) from AP1000 reactor core, which is planned to be implemented at the Haiyang NPP, was made.

 Qinshan NPP

   During the visit, technical meeting with specialists of Qinshan NPP was held. Andrii Sadovnikov presented his report “Problems and solutions for choking of pipe for cooling capacitors with sea water”. While discussion of the problem issues related to the report, Chinese specialists showed their interest in the future development of portable devices for pipe cleansing. 

Laboratory facility for АР1000

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