Drilling and Equipment of Observation Holes at the Territory of Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Facility

  Works on scientific and technical maintenance of drilling and equipment of observation holes for organization of radioecological monitoring at the territory of interim spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (ISF-2) are implemented by specialists of the ISP NPP of the NAS of Ukraine within the frameworks of agreement with SSE “Chornobyl NPP”. The work is to substantiate the network of observation holes: structures, depth and location. To substantiate the system of observations forecast of changes in radioecological conditions of ISF-2 site was carried out using mathematical modeling in the framework of 3D model in the format of the program ModFlow 2011. Maps, which defined directions and speed of groundwater from places of potential contamination sources of aquifer, were created. According to the results of forecasts and analysis of aquifer maps, tracks of potential pollutants migration were defined. This has made it possible to define places of location and structures of observation holes.

  The next stage of the work was development and transfer to the SSE “ChNPP” of geological and technical orders to drilling and equipment of observation holes. Drilling of the holes is made by drilling office of the SSE ChNPP. The task of the ISP NPP at the stage of drilling is to conduct scientific and technical maintenance such as: core description, radioactive contamination propagation control while drilling with the help of gamma-ray logging of the holes; serviceability assessment of new holes before observation; water sampling; determination of radionuclides and chemical composition of groundwater sampling in labs. Works on each hole end with creation of its passport. Specialists of the Geoecological Researches Sector of Division for Design of Objects with Radiation and Nuclear Technologies M.O. Sizov, I.O. Kovalenko, P.A. Liushnia, G.V. Levin and M.I. Panasiuk take active part in the work.

Drilling of the observation hole near the concrete storage modules
Equipment of the hole with filter tower
Conduction of gamma-ray logging of the observation holes

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