Akademperiodyka Issued Monograph of the ISP NPP Scientists

    Publishing house “Akademperiodyka” of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has published a monograph by E. Garger, A. Nosovskyi and M. Talerko “Secondary Radioactive Contamination of the Atmosphere in Intermediate and Late Phases of a Nuclear Emergency” within the framework of the publishing project “Ukrainian Scientific Book in English”. The volume of the book is 274 pages.

      The monograph summarizes the results of measurements of the air contamination by radioactive aerosols, which were carried out in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone from May 1986 to the present. The data of experimental and theoretical researches of processes of radioactive aerosol resuspension into the atmosphere from the contaminated surfaces, including natural and technogenic resuspension, agricultural activity, forest fires and dust storms are stated. The results of long-term studies of the impact of emissions from the Shelter object on the radioactive contamination of the industrial site of the Chornobyl NPP are presented.

     The book is intended for specialists in the fields of radioecology, environmental protection, physics of the atmosphere, meteorology, radiation and environmental safety. Methodological aspects of the organization of the air radioactive contamination measurements are presented, so the book can be useful for personnel of radiation safety services in monitoring the radioactive contamination of the environment.

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