Спеціалізована вчена радаGuidelines for action 

Research and Development

Research and Development Works of the ISP NPP

The Shelter object’s transformation into an ecologically safe system:
  • monitoring of radiation state parameters of the Shelter object and forecasting parameter dynamics during implementation of practical works;
  • complex environmental assessment of the Shelter object’s radiation impact;
  • development and scientific substantiation of optimal complex of measures to provide admissible radiation safety level during the Shelter object trans-formation into an ecologically safe system;
  • study of physical and chemical properties of materials containing nuclear fuel, as well as their radionuclide and elemental composition;
  • monitoring the state of fuel-containing materials and forecasting their behaviour;
  • assessment and forecast of the Shelter object’s nuclear safety after the New Safe Confinement was installed in its design position;
  • development of safe technologies for implementation of building-and-assembly operations and dismantling works inside the New Safe Confinement of the Shelter object;
  • development of scientific and technical grounds, technological decisions concerning retrieval of fuel-containing materials from the Shelter object and creation of appropriate infrastructure for their further management.
Safe operation of nuclear facilities:
  • monitoring of main equipment’s state of NPP’s power units, and implementation of a system approach to ensure reliable and effective NPP operation;
  • development of control and diagnostics systems for nuclear power facilities’ equipment;
  • development of up-to-date models and procedures to assess the safety of nuclear facilities;
  • development and improvement of neutron diagnostics methods to determine safety parameters of nuclear facilities;
  • development and scientific substantiation of design, engineering, radiation, hygienic and organizing measures to ensure optimal safety level at the objects with radiation and nuclear technologies;
  • development of up-to-date models for radioecological monitoring within NPP environmental impact areas.
Decommission of nuclear facilities:
  • cientific and technical support of work during NPP’s power units decommission;
  • development of concepts and projects for nuclear facilities decommission;
  • comprehensive engineering and radiation research of NPP’s power units;
  • experimental and calculation research of irradiated structural materials and components of reactor core;
  • study of processes and substantiation of techno-logies for safe management of irradiated graphite;
  • safety analysis at various stages of NPP’s power units decommission;
  • development of remotely controlled complexes and technologies for dismantling works and operations with dismantled structures and equipment;
  • development of decontamination procedures.
Management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste:
  • development of conditioning methods for fuel-containing materials and other long-existing waste for long-term storage according to the requirements for their future disposal;
  • development of means and technologies for radioactive waste management;
  • development of methods to characterize radioactive waste and their packages;
  • scientific and technical support for design, construction and operation of spent nuclear fuel repository;
  • safety assessment of storage facilities for the radioactive waste final disposal.

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