Резцльтати діяльностіResults and Achievements 

Results and Achievements

Our Achievements:

  • The ISP NPP of NAS of Ukraine implements the scientific supervision and support to ensure the safe operation of the Shelter object and its transformation into an ecologically safe system and Chornobyl NPP power units decommissioning.
  • A multi-parameter approach for implementation of the Shelter object safety analysis has been applied. Key parameters of the approach are the parameters determining the safe operation of protective structure systems. Radiation impact of the Shelter object due to occurrence of potential emergency situations was assessed.
  • Participation in the development of design of the New Safe Confinement — an unique structure aimed to protect the environment against existing and potential radiation impact of the Shelter object.
  • Complex study at the Shelter object has been implemented to realize the project for stabilization of the Shelter object’s building structures and a series of project documents was also developed, which provides legal basis for these works implementation.
  • Scientific and technical support of the Shelter object’s Integrated and Automated Monitoring System for Nuclear Safety at Chornobyl NPP.
  • Participation in pilot project for dismantling of the Shelter object’s metal structures for roofing’s strengthening. It is the first project which takes into account the work realization peculiarities at the Shelter object, technologies for dismantling of metal structure on the Object’s roof and its transport to the fragmentation zone.
  • Scientific and technical support of modernized dust suppression system.
  • Participation in the development of feasibility report for construction of Centralized repository for spent nuclear fuel generated by WWER-type reactors of Ukrainian nuclear power plants.
  • Radiological survey of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone’s site intended for construction of Centralized spent nuclear fuel repository was made and the project documentation concerning the safe work realization during this object’s construction was prepared.
  • Environmental impact of Dry-type Repository for spent nuclear fuel at Chornobyl NPP was assessed.
  • Environmental impact caused by Chornobyl NPP Cooling pond decommissioning was evaluated.
  • Pre-project study of radiation situation in work realization areas for construction of the high-level waste repository at Chornolyl NPP was realized.
  • The analog and digital reactimeters applicable physical experiments at nuclear facilities were developed.
  • Methods for determination of the sub-criticality of nuclear facilities based on neutron-noise diagnostics were developed.
  • A complex analysis method for failures of NPP’s generating equipment was developed.
  • An optimal structure for two-turbine generators power unit, of which one is asynchronous, and the other one is synchronous, was developed.
  • A calculation method of the thermal field of a core and a winding of the turbine generator stator with hydrogen cooling of stator winding rods conductors has been developed.
  • Recommendations for Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) concerning monitoring and control of agricultural products grown at radioactively contaminated areas caused by Fukushima NPP accident have been developed.


Results of Innovation Activities:

  • stabilization of the Shelter object’s building structures;
  • construction of the New Safe Confinement;
  • construction of Enclosing Perimeter for the New Safe Confine-ment;
  • construction of the New Ventilation Stack at the Chornobyl NPP;
  • improvement of safe operation level of NPP’s power units in operation;
  • extension of the lifetime of NPP’s power units;
  • final decommission and mothballing of the Chornobyl NPP’s power units;
  • construction of Centralized repository for spent fuel generated by WWER reactors of Ukrainian nuclear power plants;
  • decommissioning of the Chornobyl NPP Cooling pond;
  • construction of dry-type spent nuclear fuel repository of the Chornobyl NPP;
  • Temporary repository for high-level radioactive waste of the Chornobyl NPP.

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