Perspective Directions for Research and Collaboration 

Perspective Directions for Research and Collaboration

The scientists of the ISP NPP look confidently towards the future and execute a number of tasks that may have a significant impact for Ukrainian nuclear power industry. The main research areas are as regards:

Area 1 – 3-D modeling of works within radiation-hazardous conditions. Creation of models for radiation-hazardous object will provide developing technologies for dismantling and management of radioactive materials.

Area 2 – Development of remotely controlled aggregates and devices for inspection and implementation of works within radiation conditions as an important method for mitigation of accident aftermath and decommission of radiation hazardous facilities, NPP power units and facilities for radioactive waste management.

Area 3 – Scientific and technical support for decommission of NPP’s power units and other nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities.

Area 4 – Development of technologies for dismantling of unstable building structures of the Shelter object.

Area 5 – Study of physicochemical pro-perties of high-level nuclear fuel containing materials. The obtained results can be used for developing a technology for nuclear materials management and for further activity aimed at transformation of the Shelter object into an ecologically safe system.

Area 6 – Development of methods and instruments to evaluate radioactive aerosols’ secondary dust rise (resuspension) impact onto radioactive contamination redistribution during decommission works.

Area 7 – Development of techniques to determine nuclear facilities subcriticality based on neutron-noise diagnostics.

Area 8 – Development of a dual-zone subcritical reactor with fast and thermal neutron spectra for minor actinoides transmutation and long-existing fission products.

Area 9 – Development of intellectual algorithms and software-technical complexes to improve reactor in-core monitoring systems.

Area 10 – The improvement of safety level for NPP’s power units during operation.

Area 11– Planning of radioecological monitoring network for agrosphere at the areas, which were contaminated by radioactive or hazardous chemical products.

Area 12 – Development of a complex of models of atmo-spheric transport and deposition on the underlying surface of radioactive substances or toxi-cants caused by accidents (inclu-ding the fires) at radiation-hazardous or chemical industrial objects.

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