Наукова виставка технологій та інновацій у Києві News 

China-Ukraine Academy Xianchu on Decommissioning of NPP will participate in the Scientific Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations in Kyiv

    On November, 21 – 24, there will take place a China-Ukraine Scientific Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations that will be held at the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE within the International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET” – 2017.     Joint venture«China-Ukraine Academy Xianchu on NPP Decommissioning» will be presented by the experts of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP (ISP NPP) NAS of Ukraine, State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) and LLC “Qingdao Xianchu Energy Development Group”, China.     Ukrainian and Chinese representatives will demonstrate technologies…

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