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Scientific articles

     Highly qualified specialists of the ISP NPP solve the tasks of scientific and technical support of all works related to the transformation of the Shelter object into an ecologically safe system.

     The units of the institute are equipped with modern equipment, stands and control systems necessary for solving most scientific problems of nuclear power plant safety.

     The team of scientific employees of the ISP NPP, based on the generalization of the accident liquidation experience, ensures the development and implementation in practice of modern methods of nuclear and radiation safety analysis, emergency response, provides scientific and technical support for work on improving the safety of operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine, extending the period of operation, as well as decommissioning nuclear installations.

     The results of the performed fundamental, scientific-technical and applied works are regularly published by the scientists of the ISP NPP in a wide range of specialized publications.

     For the period 1992–2022, more than 1,500 articles were published in more than 100 scientific journals.


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