Radiobiological Characterization Environment Around Object “Shelter”

This book covers various topics, from thermal-hydraulic analysis to the safety analysis of nuclear power plant. It does not focus only on current power plant issues. Instead, it aims to address the challenging ideas that can be implemented in and used for the development of future nuclear power plants. This book will take the readers into the world of innovative research and development of future plants.



Namik Rashydov,
Olexander Kliuchnуkov,
Olga Seniuk,
Leontiy Gorovyy,
Alexander Zhidkov,
Valeriy Ribalka,
Valentyna Berezhna,
Nadiya Bilko,
Volodimir Sakada,
Denis Bilko,
Irina Borbuliak,
Vasiliy Kovalev,
Mikola Krul,
Grigoriy Petelin


Цей запис також доступний: Ukrainian, Russian

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