Consultancy meeting in IAEA

On 18-21 July 2017 a consultancy meeting, dedicated to discussing the materials of the IAEA technical report “Experience and Lessons Learned in Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste in the Aftermath of Nuclear Accidents” was hosted at the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

The purpose of the Report is systematic and fundamental study of experience and lessons learned in the field of radioactive waste management, resulting from nuclear accidents, giving particular attention to technological aspects. It is expected this document would be useful to the IAEA member states for their understanding, planning and performing the necessary measures for the effective decisions for the potentially large amounts of complex waste streams which could be formed in such situations.

The meeting was attended by experts from the United States, Canada, Serbia, Ukraine, as well as IAEA experts. The Institute for Safety Problems of NPPs, NAS of Ukraine in the meeting was represented by a head of the Decommissioning Department, PhD Sizov A.O. By his participation it is created a section with the description of the disposal and storage sites for RAW of Exclusion Zone.

As a result of the meeting, a preliminary version of the document was presented and a temporal plan for the completion and release of the report was developed.

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