Attacks defencse of computer nets by tools using extended information about environment : monograph

     The monograph is devoted to such questions: architecture of defense systems against attacks on computer networks using the global information space; analysis of network infrastructure and its behavior, defense policy and behavior of attackers; analysis of systems and methods of intrusion detection; synthesis of immune and neural network algorithms in system of detection of non-standard behavior of information networks; development and modification of algorithms for detecting non-standard behavior in global network space in conditions of uncertainty; simulation of the dissemination of cyber-attacks in a distributed information system; design the cybersecurity training center.


V. Lytvynov
N. Stoianov
I. Stetsenko
I. Skiter
O. Trunova
A. Hrebennyk
V. Nekhai
I. Burmaka

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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