Neutron and X-ray studies of lipid membranes

     The results of studies of structural and dynamic properties of multicomponent lipid liquid systems by neutron scattering and X-ray radiation methods are considered. Special attention is paid to the study of the processes of domain formation in multicomponent lipid membranes, as well as to the study of the structure of such domains. The method of neutron scattering and X-ray radiation in the structural diagnosis of lipid membranes is described, the peculiarities of conducting experiments on unfriendly X-ray radiation scattering on oriented lipid membranes are indicated. Structural and thermodynamic parameters of lipid systems depending on their component composition are described. The advantages of using nuclear research methods in combination with other complementary methods in the study of aqueous lipid systems are highlighted.


L. A. Bulavin
O. I. Kuklin
A. V. Nosovskyi
D. V. Soloviov


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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