Working Meeting of Japanese and Ukrainain Experts

   On 6–7 June 2019 the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine’s NAS arranged a working meeting of Japanese and Ukrainian experts with the agenda of actual issues regarding mitigation of severe nuclear accidents, like those occurred at Chornobyl Unit 3 and Fukushima-1.

    The meeting was attended by the following entities: Japanese National Environmental Study Institute, Ukrainian State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management (SAEZM), Institute for Safety Problems of NPP  of Ukraine’s NAS (ISP NPP), State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SSTS NRS), State Specialized Enterprise «Central Enterprise for Radwaste Management” (SSE «CERWM»), State Specialized Enterprise «Ecocentre» (SSE «Ecocentre»).

     The participants of meeting were welcomed by Anatolii Nosovskyi, Director of the ISP NPP and Oleh Nasvit, First Deputy Chairman of SAEZM.

     The problems occurred after Fukushima-1 NPP accident were described in their reports by Kazui Yamada, Kenichi Arima and Yoshihisa Kaneda, the representatives of Japanese National Environmental Study Institute.

The reports addressing the main challenges of radwaste management, particularly, radioactively contaminated concrete were addressed at the working meeting:

  • «Procedure for contaminated concrete estimate», Valeriy Khan, ISP NPP;
  • «Countermeasures against contaminated concrete structures. Decontamination works», Viktor Krasnov, ISP NPP;
  • «Concrete contamination in destroyed Unit 4 of Chornobyl NPP», Viktor Krasnov, ISP NPP;
  • «Forecast of cesium-137 and stroncium-90 accumulation by the vegetation at kinetic model of radionuclide behavior in “ground-plant” system, Boris Prister, ISP NPP Radiation Ecology Division;
  • «Chornobyl Exclusion Zone and nuclear wastes in Ukraine», Oleh Nasvit, SAEZM;
  • «Post-accident characterization of radiological situation proceeding, intervention levels and countermeasures», Volodymyr Bohorad, SSTS NRS;
  • «New composite material based on heavy concrete reinforced by basalt-boron fiber for radioactive waste management», Volodymyr Gulik, ISP NPP;
  • «Plan of actions regarding Chornobyl NPP decommission», Serhiy Paskevych, ISP NPP;
  • «Exemption of radioactive materials from regulatory control according to decontamination results», Valeriy Antropov, Oleksandr Tretyak, SSE «CPRWM»;
  • «Monitoring of forest as a landscape component of Exclusion Zone», Serhiy Kireyev, SSE «Ecocentre»;
  • «Liquidation of points for temporary localization of radwaste under rehabilitation of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone», Valeriy Antropov, SSE «CPRWM»;
  • «Aspects of radwaste management at Chornobyl NPP site. Places for radwaste temporary storage and final disposal», Leonid Pavlovskyi, ISP NPP.

   According to meeting results, a memo was signed, which highlighted a high level of presented reports and actuality and usefulness of such meetings. The meeting attendees underline the importance of such events and works in the future.

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