Joint research of scientists of the Institute for safety problems of NPPs, University of Tartu and Estonian company “LAIERS GRUPP OÜ”

    On June 17-22, 2018 a working visit of representatives from Estonian University of Tartu and “Laiers Grupp OÜ” Company has taken place to the Exclusion Zone. Within the framework of the international project “Development of boron-infused basalt-fiber reinforced concrete for nuclear and radioactive waste management applications (M-Era.Net)” a joint research was implemented according to WP6 stage “Experimental investigations of neutron radiation shielding properties for composite concrete based on basalt-boron fiber with different dosages of fiber”.

    Estonian specialists have observed the work of the ISP NPP of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, visited the city of Chernobyl, the city of Pripyat and the site of the Chornobyl NPP.

     Within the framework of the visit, researchers of ISP NPP of NAS of Ukraine Odinokin G.I., Gulik V.I., Romanenko I.M. and foreign visitors have implemented a scientific experiment to determine the protective properties from neutron radiation of a new composite material, based on concrete and basalt-boron fibers, using the Pu-Be source of neutrons.

         Odynokin G.I., Gulik V.I. and Romanenko I.M. participated in the experiment from the ISP NPP.

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