Thermodynamics of Melts

Thermodynamic properties of one-component and multicomponent systems, equilibrium in a homogeneous multicomponent system and equilibrium conditions in a heterogeneous system, the Gibbs’ phase rule and its application in status diagrams, are considered. Nonideally diluted and regular solutions are analyzed; basic thermodynamic functions are obtained for binary regular solutions. The main provisions of quasi-chemical theory of solutions and its application in regular solutions are given. Quasi-chemical interpretation of short-range order is seen. Component solubility in different phases is studied. Based on status diagrams, vibrational entropy of dissolved impurity was estimated. The dependence of free energy of mixing on binary system configuration is obtained. Equation of solidus and liquidus lines for ideal solution was derived. The fundamentals of nonequilibrium thermodynamics are set forth.

The monograph is intended for students, post-graduate students of physical faculties of universities, as well as for the scientists working in the field of fluid physics, solid state physics and nuclear physics.


L. A. Bulavin
O. O. Kliuchnykov
Yu. O. Plevachuk
V. M. Sklyarchuk
V. M. Sysoev


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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