Thermophysics of Reactor Units Damage

The monograph deals with the thermophysical aspects of physical processes that are capable of initiating potentially damaging damages to their elements and systems during the operation of the reactor installations of the main energy types. Particular attention is paid to the causes of the emergence and development of latent damage in critical elements critical to the safety of nuclear power plants of the first circuit of reactors on thermal and fast neutrons. The features and the calculation methodology of the corresponding thermohydrodynamic and vibrational processes are analyzed, as well as the principal aspects of the main approaches to early automatic detection of the conditions for the generation and subsequent development of anomalous and predawn operational states in elements and systems of active zones and heat exchange equipment of the first circuit of reactor installations.

It is intended for scientific workers, specialists in nuclear power engineering, as well as for post-graduate students and students.


O. Klyuchnikov
I. G. Sharaevsky,
N. M. Fialko
L. B. Zimin
N. I. Sharaevskaya


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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