Thermophysics of the Nuclear Power Plants Resource

The results of the system analysis of unsolved thermophysical problems of increasing the operational reliability and safety of nuclear power plants of nuclear power plants with water-cooled reactors of the VVER type are presented. Considerable attention is paid to the approaches and ways of solving the problems of early operational detection and automatic diagnostics of the initial phases of potentially dangerous deviations in the parameters of thermal-hydraulic regimes of active zones on the basis of intelligent models for processing and analyzing stochastic diagnostic signals of standard systems of in-reactor monitoring of nuclear power installations. Practical approaches to managing the operational resource of nuclear power plants are considered on the basis of creating the necessary prerequisites for the practical implementation of repair operations in accordance with the actual technical condition of the main equipment.

It is intended for scientific workers, specialists in nuclear power engineering, as well as for post-graduate students and students.


A. V. Nosovsky
I. G. Sharaevsky,
N. M. Fialko
L. B. Zimin
G. I. Sharaevsky

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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