Election of the ISP NPP Director

     With regard to the announced by the National academy of sciences (NAS) of Ukraine competition to fill the position of director of the Institute for Safety Problems (ISP NPP) of the NAS of Ukraine, election was held in the building of the ISP NPP on March 30, 2021 in Chornobyl.

     All scientific staff of the ISP NPP had right to participate in the secret ballot.

     As at March 29, 2021 actual number of the permanent academic staff of the Institute was 104 persons. 98 researchers registered before the start of the meeting. For the secret ballot 104 bulletins were printed, 98 were distributed. When opening the ballot box there were 98 bulletins.

     According to the results of the secret ballot and paragraph 3.12.4 of the Statute of the NAS of Ukraine Anatolii V. Nosovskyi, corr. member of the NAS of Ukraine, Scientific Doctor, professor, was elected to the post of Director of the ISP NPP NAS of Ukraine. He received more than two thirds of the votes.

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