Тhermophysics of the Active Zones Reliability

The monograph deals with the thermophysical as well as material science aspects of a complex of non-scheduled processes and operational factors that can influence the reliability indicators of elements and systems of active zones of power nuclear reactors. The most important physical aspects of non-stationary thermal and hydrodynamic processes that are related to the stability of the coolant flow of the primary circuit in forced and natural circulation modes are considered. Particular attention is paid to the thermophysical aspects of the applied reliability theory from the standpoint of probabilistic analysis of stochastic indicators and safety parameters of nuclear power units. The ways of increasing the operational reliability of active zones, as well as actual issues of nuclear reactor thermal physics, related to the problems of early automatic detection of initial phases of dangerous thermal and hydraulic anomalies are considered.

It is intended for scientific workers, specialists in nuclear power engineering, as well as for post-graduate students and students.



O. Klyuchnikov
I. G. Sharaevsky,
N. M. Fialko
L. B. Zimin
G. I. Sharaevsky


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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