ХІІI International Scientific and Technical Conference for Young Scientists

    From 18 – 20 of October at the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Kharkiv) there was held the XIII International Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists “Problems of Modern Nuclear Power Energy”. The organizers of the conference were Ukrainian Nuclear Society, National Science Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology” of the NAS of Ukraine, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. The conference focused on the most urgent problems in the field of nuclear power energy in Ukraine as well as in the world, among which are following: – Nuclear physics and power engineering;
– Radiation materials science;
– Improvement of safety and efficiency of NPP’s operation;
– The prolongation of the life of power units and the management of the aging of the NPP equipment;
– Development of the nuclear power complex in Ukraine;
– Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety in the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.
From the Institute for Safety Problems of the NASciences of Ukraine, the conference was attended by young specialists from the Institute, who presented their reports on the topics:
– M.V. Pashinov – “Assessment of the environmental impact during the construction of the NSC”;
– S.V. Kupriyanchuk “Protective properties of the container for neutron sources”;
– A.O. Doroshenko “Neutron activity and nuclear safety of FCM clusters in the conditions of the NSC UO”.

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