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Scientists of ISP NPP conducted a series of lectures on nuclear and radiation safety for students of the Main School of Fire Service of the Republic of Poland

    At the beginning of October 2017, a series of lectures for the training course “Tactics of Rescue Operation” were conducted by the researchers from ISP NPP at the Main School of Fire Service of the Republic of Poland (Szkoła Główna Służby Pożarniczej, Warsaw). The head of sector Paskevich S.A.  carried out the training on emergency response in the case of nuclear and radiation accident. The information was provided to the firefighters of the Polish educational institution concerned the peculiarities of organization the measures for the detection and response to a state of emergency in the conditions of the Chornobyl NPP and the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

Головна школа пожежної служби Республіки Польщі

    The Main School of Fire Service realizes special education aimed at training of higher qualification specialists in the field of technogenic and natural threats, protection against threats to life and health, and also prepares officer personnel for the dynamic development of fire protection. In this regard, part of the lectures was devoted to acquainting students with the organization and operation of fire protection systems using at the Chornobyl NPP industrial site, “Ukryttia” Object and Chornobyl exclusion zone.

    The topics of conducted lectures were the following:

  • Emergency preparedness and responce system at the Chornobyl NPP. Goals and objectives;
  • Activities of the ChNPP personnel in case of accident or emergency conditions;
  • Dosimetric control in case of radiation accident;
  • Radiation protection of the personnel, civil population and the environment during a radiation accident .

    According to the administration of the Main School of Fire Service, the lectures provided a good opportunity to understand the importance of many practical things that have already been implemented in emergency response programs at the Chornobyl NPP. The training extended studetns’ understanding of the importance of correct and rapid organization in actions of fire teams, engineering groups, evacuation groups under radiation contamination conditions.


For reference:

    The Main School of Fire Service is the only higher education institution in Poland that prepares future officers and specialists in the field of fire and civil security. The school is a state technical university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration with full university law.

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