Boston Dynamics Robot Dog in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

    Scientists of the ISP NPP Division for Nuclear and Radiation Safety and researchers of the University of Bristol of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) had meeting in Chornobyl. Serhii Paskevych, Deputy Director and Viktor Krasnov, Head of the Division for Nuclear and Radiation Safety represented the ISP NPP. Dr. Peter Martin and his colleagues David Megson-Smith, Yannick Verbelen, Dean Connor, Matthew Ryan Tucker and Erin Holland represented Bristol. The visit of the foreign colleagues to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone was connected with practicing the remote mapping technology of radioactively contaminated territories using self-propelled robotic complex.

      During the meeting researchers shared their views on perspectives of using robotics for conducting researches in hazardous for human radiation conditions. English colleagues showed functionality of the SPOT robot (Boston Dynamics – Also scientists of the ISP NPP participated in the testing of robot control system. Control of the robot is carried out using the console with adaptive control system of the robot moves. The robot is capable to good maneuvering in straitened environmental conditions.

      Scientists of the Division for Nuclear and Radiation Safety shared their own experience in the development of remotely controlled systems for the aims of radioprospecting in the premises of the Shelter object. They demonstrated models of robots using which scientists explored the Shelter object previously.

      Regardless of the sufficient difficulties of the aims which are on the way to the Shelter object transformation into an ecologically safe system it is obvious that up-to-date robots can essentially facilitate the work on exploration of the Shelter object premises conditions as well as assessment of radiation conditions for human staying there.

      During the meeting potential cooperation of the scientists in the field of the remotely controlled technologies for the exploration of the radiation conditions in the Shelter object premises where highly radioactive materials of the destroyed reactor are located was discussed.

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