Memorandum of Understanding was Signed by the University of Bristol

    Meeting of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP scientists and researchers from the University of Bristol of the GB Royal Academy of Engineering was held on October 20, 2020 in Chornobyl. The visit of foreign colleagues to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone was related to testing remote mapping technology of radioactively contaminated territories using self-propelled remote complex SPOT of Boston Dynamics. During the visit specialists of the ISP NPP and University of Bristol presented their developments in the field of using robotic systems for conducting researches in hazardous for human conditions. Potential possibilities of cooperation between scientists in the field of development of remote technologies to conduct researches in radioactively hazardous conditions was discussed.

    The University of Bristol is one of leading institutions in nuclear power of the Great Britain. Its scientific interests include robotics, radiation and nuclear monitoring, nuclear facilities decommissioning, radioactive waste treatment as well as nuclear guarantees of safety and management. On the other side, the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP has unique technical knowledge and possibilities related to the Chornobyl NPP accident, radioactive waste treatment, ChNPP units decommissioning, the Shelter object transformation into an ecologically safe system. Taking into account mutual interest in experience exchange, scientists of the both organizations came to conclusion as to establishment of the long-term cooperation. As a result, they signed the Memorandum of understanding between the University of Bristol and the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP.

    Memorandum of understanding, signed on November 11, 2020, gives the possibilities for information and received experience exchange, provide cooperation in such fields of research as robotics, identification characteristics and radioactive waste treatment, development of remote research methods of exploration of radiation conditions in premises of the Shelter object and characteristics of radioactively hazardous materials which should be retrieved during the implementation of works on the Shelter object transformation into an ecologically safe system.

Presentation of the ISP NPP robots in Chornobyl

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