ISP NPP Scientists Partisipation in the International Forum “Fukushima, Chornobyl and Three-Mile-Island”

    The 3rd international symposium “Fukushima, Chornobyl and Three-mile-island” was held on 1-3 of August 2018 in Higashi Nippon International University (Iwaki, Japan).

     The main three discussion directions of the forum were:

  1. Experience of accident consequences elimination at the Fukushima NPP, where issues of assess of effectiveness of NPP units decommissioning, restoration of the environment, characterization of the nuclear materials with the purpose of further retrieval and providing of nuclear and radiation safety, temporary radioactive waste repository, economic recovery at the temporary exclusion territories, physical and mental rehabilitation of evacuated people were discussed.
  2. Experience of the accident consequences elimination at Chornobyl NPP, where general plan of further actions, restoration of the environment and the Shelter object decommissioning, building of the New Safe Confinement (NSC), nuclear materials retrieval and radioactive waste treatment, employees’ safety during works inside of the NSC were discussed.
  3. Experience of the accident consequences elimination at the Three-mile-island NPP, where issues of the NPP decommissioning, experience of the nuclear fuel retrieval, liquid and solid radioactive waste management and also interaction with regulatory authority of the USA and local population were discussed.

   Special attention was paid to the radioactive waste management, characterization and retrieval of the nuclear materials and to the issue of probability of appearing of repeated criticality.

     In the forum representatives of governmental organizations, specialists and scientists from Japan, USA, Germany, Ukraine and the IAEA representatives made presentations (reports). As a member of Ukrainian delegation Roman Godun, the Head of the Nuclear Safety Department of the ISP NPP of NAS of Ukraine, participated in the forum. He shared his experience in accident consequences elimination at the Chornobyl NPP and reported about experimental and calculating researches of effective neutron multiplication factor in fuel-containing clusters localized inside of the Shelter object.

    Panel discussion with the purpose of solving the most urgent problems and searching possible directions of the further cooperation was held after reports. One-day trip to the territory of industrial site of the Fukushima Daiichi NPP was organized for the forum participants where the results of implemented decisions concerning accident consequences elimination were visually demonstrated.

    Issues, discussed in the forum, are extremely urgent for Ukraine as we also need to solve the problem concerning retrieval and putting into the controlled state of the nuclear materials of the Shelter object. Information received from Japanese and American specialists concerning feasibility and validity of nuclear fuel retrieval confirmed the correctness of the strategic direction in the Shelter object fuel-containing materials treatment which the ISP NPP specialists follow.

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