Participation in Italy Summer Energy School

    FromJuly 22 to July 27, 2019, Varenna, Italy hosted Summer Energy School «Where we stand and where we go». The school was organized by the Italian Physical Society.


The following topics were discussed at this school:

  • Global Energy Situation;
  • Climate Issues;
  • Sustainable Energy and Improving the Concept of How to Deliver 100 % Renewable Electricity in Economy;
  • Basic Principles of Fourth Generation Reactors, and etc.

From the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine, in School participated junior researcher at the decommissioning department Serhii Kupriianchuk.

    The primary goal of the School was be to present all physics fields with relevance for the technologies of energy production, conversion, transmission and savings, thus addressing today’s most relevant energy issues. The potential of the various technologies was presented but also the need for more research and development to fully unfold them was indicated. For this purpose, basic lectures and topical seminars was presented by specialists in their field.

     Throughout the school was pointed the potential of various power generation technologies was demonstrated. At the same time it out the need for additional research and development for their wider practical application.

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