Neutron diagnostics of fullerene solutions

     Neutron diagnostics of liquid systems with fullerenes in polar and non-polar solvents and their complexes with drugs are considered. Special attention is paid to the study of the processes of aggregation and reorganization of fullerene aggregates and related effects. The method of small-angle scattering of neutrons and X-rays in the structural diagnostics of liquid systems with fullerenes is described, the peculiarities of neutronography in the study of solutions are indicated. The structural parameters of fullerene aggregates in solvents of different polarity, including aqueous liquid systems and systems in a physiological environment with biological objects and drugs, are described. The advantages of using neutron scattering with other complementary methods in the study of liquid systems with fullerenes are highlighted.

     For scientists, engineering and technical workers who work in the field of fluid physics, nuclear physics and atomic energy, as well as for students and post-graduate students in physics and physical and technical specialties.


L. A. Bulavin,
O. A. Kyzyma,
A. V. Nosovskyi

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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