New Safe Confinement of the Chornobyl NPP (computational and experimental analysis during design and operation

     The monograph presents information on the purpose, design and requirements for the designing and operation of the New Safe Confinement (NSC), which was built to isolate the Shelter Object (OS) from the environment and transform it into environmentally safe system. The originality of the monograph is that it focuses for the first time and presents the results of the computational approach and modern methods and means of mathematical and computer modeling to analyze the thermogasdynamic, humidity and radiation state of the NSC and the OS both at the design and forecast stages at the long-term stage (up to 100 years) operation of the NSC. The results of studies on the characteristics of radioactive aerosols, their distribution beyond the OS and NSC, which were used to ensure the adequacy of the models used, are also given. Designed for professionals, graduate students and students using modern modeling techniques for analyzing and predicting the thermal, moisture, and radiation state of various industrial objects, including for the aftermath of accidents at nuclear power plants.


P. G. Krukovskyi

M. A. Metel

D. I. Skliarenko

V. A. Krasnov

V. P. Sulimov

V. G. Borozdin

V. G. Poklonskyi

This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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