Radiation Transformations of Nanomaterials

The mechanisms of radiation-stimulated influence on polymerization and amortization in films of fullerite C60 and C70, including doped non-iron metals, structural sensitization of carbazole-containing polymers supplemented by C60 molecules, defective states in nanotubes and linear polyhedral systems of isotactic polypropylene nanocomposites, poly (vinyl) chloride with multi-wall carbon nanotubes are considered. The given quantum-chemical calculations for systems of C60 molecules with non-metallic metals Sn, Ti, Fe, Cu, In, Bi indicate the possibility of formation of ordinary and dimer complexes. The most stable among them were the polymer complexes C60-Sn-C60 and C60-Ti-C60. Polymerized structures, the type and degree of which depends on the formation of complexes are formed in the films of fullerite C60 with non-metallic metals.

For scientists and engineers working in the field of fluid physics, nuclear physics and nuclear energy, as well as for students and postgraduates from the physical and technical specialties of universities.


L. A. Bulavin,
O. P. Dmitrenko,
O. O. Kliuchnykov,
M. P. Kulish


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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