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International seminar

Носовській А. В., Ніл Хаятт   An international seminar organized by the scientists of University of Sheffield was being held from February 27 to March 2 in Sheffield (UK). It was aimed to study issues related to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and fuel-containing materials (FCM) management of the “Ukryttia” object at the Chornobyl site. In addition to representatives from ISP NPP there are about 20 researchers from Britain, representatives of universities and research organizations of Sheffield, London, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow took part in a seminar.

   Representatives from ISP NPP seminar were the following: Director of the Institute, Corr. NAS of Ukraine, prof. Anatoliy Nosovskiy, head of division Viktor Krasnov, head of department  Ph.D. Valery Khan,  Ph.D. Sergey Habelkov, head of sector Aleksei Odintsov, Nikolai Pavlyuchenko, scientists Roman Hodun and Alexander Lyubytskyi. By the representatives of the Ukrainian delegation at the seminar were presented the following reports:

  • Nosovskiy – Principal scientific activities of the Institute for Safety problems NPP, NAS of Ukraine and prospects for transformation of “Ukryttia” object into an ecologically safe system;
  • Krasnov – Current state of the destroyed Unit 4 of ChNPP and FCM within it;
  • Odintsov – Management of liquid radioactive waste at the “Ukryttia”, leaching of radionuclides from the lava-like fuel containing materials of “Ukryttia”;
  • Habelkov – LFCM UO. Degradation model of structure. Forecast of events;
  • Khan – Radioactive dust monitoring within the destroyed Unit 4 of ChNPP;
  • Pavlyuchenko – Modernization of dust-suppression system at the NSC;
  • Hodun – Study of fuel-containing materials accumulation under the premise 305/2 of “Ukryttia”;A. Lyubytskyi – Development of robotic systems for conducting work in conditions of high values ​​of radiation environment – history and prospects.



Халіфакс холл, ШефілдШефілд

    British colleagues in their reports have identified areas of research, conducted by the scientific institutions of Great Britain and actual issues of nuclear and hazardous objects.

After discussion of the reports presented, the main directions of collaboration between research institutions were indicated, namely:

Decommissioning of nuclear facilities;

Spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management;

Development of remote-controlled robotic devices;

Study of fuel-containing materials accumulations;

Application of non-destructive control for nuclear materials;

Sociological studies etc.

   Result of joint discussions under the supervision of prof. Anatoliy Nosovskiy and prof. Neil Hyatt was an agreement to consolidate further cooperation in areas discussed as well as publication in national magazines and journals of the United Kingdom in matter of agreement on joint scientific and technical activities.

Nuclear AMRC of the University of Sheffield

   During the seminar, Ukrainian representatives were got acquainted with the practical possibilities of British colleagues: there were organized sightseeing tours to the lab of prof. Richard French and manufacturing shop of Nuclear AMRC of the University of Sheffield, that is strategically important object Britain.


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