Participation in the 10th International Aerosol Conference

     The 10th International Aerosol Conference (IAC 2018) was held on September 2-7, 2018 at the America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

    The conference was organized by the American Association of Aerosol Research (AAAR) and the Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering (CASE) of Washington University in St. Louis.

    The conference was sponsored by leading companies engaged in developing and producing equipment, identifying and sampling of aerosols, determining their origin, studying characteristics and their behavior in the environment.

    The conference was attended by more than 400 participants being well-known leading experts from the US Universities and advanced technological countries from the four continents.

     The conference format included plenary, sectional and poster sessions covering the main areas of development of state-of-the-art aerosol sciences: Aerosol Chemistry, Aerosols in Medicine, Aerosol Modeling, Aerosol Physics, Aerosol Toxicology, Aerosol Transport and Transformation, Aerosols in Earth System, Bioaerosols, Carbonaceous Aerosol, Clouds and Climate, etc. The total number of reports exceeded 1200 reports.

    From the Institute for Nuclear Safety Problems of NAS of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kalynovskyi, Head of Sector for analytical spectrometry methods, presented a report prepared by the group of authors: Kalynovskyi O.K., Krasnov V.O., Ogorodnikov B.I. “Improvement of monitoring of radioactive aerosols of ground layer air near Chernobyl NPP “.

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