Visit of the ISP NPP representatives to Japan

    A group of Ukrainian researchers from the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine, at the invitation of the Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering, University of Fukui, visited the city of Tsuruga, Japan. On February 10, a group of scientific researchers of the ISP NPP, consisting of senior researcher Olena Pareniuk, leading engineer Yulia Ruban, engineer Anastasia Toryanik and Kateryna Shavanova, had a meeting with the mayor of the city, Takanobu Fuchigami, who is also part-time chairman of the Municipal Council of the National Nuclear Power Plant of Tsuruga. Takanobu Fuchigami fully supports nuclear energy research and advocates for the safe restart of the city’s nuclear power plants.

    At a meeting with the mayor and journalists, the senior researcher Olena Pareniuk spoke about the occupation by Russian troops of the Chornobyl NPP in the past and the Zaporizhzhia NPP in the present, the catastrophic consequences of which are possible due to the pressure of the occupiers on the workers of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which is the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

    In order to promote cooperation, the scientists of the ISP NPP will hold lectures on the prevention of nuclear disasters for students of Fukui University and residents of the city of Tsuruga. The business trip is scheduled for the end of March, after which plans will be presented for the future cooperation of the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP of the NAS of Ukraine with Fukui University in the field of radiation safety research.

    We are grateful for the invitation and support to the management of Fukui University and Professor Nakahiro Yasuda , as well as the Tsuruga City Hall and its residents for their warm welcome.

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