A meeting of the Working Group on the NATO Project “Science for piece and Security”

    From 26th of June till 6th of July, 2018 the meeting of the working group was held in the Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department of Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina, the USA). The objective of the meeting was the final report acceptance concerning implementation of works on the NATO project NUKR.SFPP G5094 “Reliable nuclear materials identification technology from spectrometry data” for 2017-2018.

     Representatives of the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP NAS of Ukraine took part at the meeting. The head of the spectrometric analysis sector, PhD in technical sciences Aleksander Kalynovskyi made presentation about implementation status of work on the project entitled “Features of gamma spectrometric determination of radionuclide composition of radioactive waste at different stages transformation of the destroyed 4-unit of Chernobyl NPP into an environmentally safe facility”.

      The results of the work group’s meeting were summed up and results of works were approved by the project for the last year and tasks for the next year were defined.

       During the meeting the working group visited research labs of the Environmental Engineering Department, the environmental protection facilities near the Oconee NPP and the environmental monitoring facilities in South Carolina.

     The work group visited a nuclear fuel plant of Westinghouse Electric Company in Columbia (South Carolina), where the scientific and technical meeting was held. At the meeting reports about perspective plans of Westinghouse Electric Company development and about the safety rules adherence at the nuclear production plant were presented.

    Participants of the working group near the Environmental Engineering Department labs of Clemson University.

Participants of the scientific and technical meeting at the nuclear power company.

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