Completion of construction works of the NSC Enclosure

    On November 8, 2017 an Act on Facility Completion and Operational Readiness of the NSC Enclosure that is an important component of NSC, was signed at the SSE ChNPP. The main function of the NSC Enclosure as well as the Arch  is prevention of the radioactive substances and ionizing radiation’s spreading beyond the NSC in conditions of normal operation, malfunctions in operation, emergency situations and accidents. That function should be ensured by the integrity of structures of the NSC Eclosure for 100 years with all types of impacts to be considered, including extreme influences.

Завершення будівництва огороджувального контуру НБК

    The execution plan for construction of the NSC Enclosure was completed in 2013 by the Ukrainian Consortium KSK that included: Kyiv Research and Design Institute «ENERGOPROJECT», State Research Institute of Building Constructions (SRIBC) and ISP NPP.

    Specialists of ISP NPP performed a considerable scope of works the both preproject and project works, in particular:

  • carried out the research of the radiation situation characteristics in the areas of construction and assembling works and access paths to them, as well as a survey of the technical state of technological systems and equipment that fall into the area of ​​work and are liable to removing of service or need to be reconstructed (dismantling and assembling in a new place);
  • were developed the single sections of the project of organization the NSC construction in a part of radiation protection of the personnel,  industrial safety and radioactive waste management;
  • carried out the technical justification of the single technical decisions within the “Program of scientific and technical support of the NSC Enclosure design” ;
  • were performed the assessments of radiation safety during the construction NSC Enclosure and its subsequent operation in both normal conditions and in case of potential accidents.

    At the meeting of admission committee on checking the operational readiness of the NSC Enclosure, its participants noted the uniqueness of the work performed, which successful completion became possible thanks to the effective cooperation of designers, builders and involved personnel of the ChNPP and the project management unit.

     The admission committee metting was attended by the head of Department of Design Objects with Radiation and Nuclear Technology of the ISP NPP Volodymyr Rud’ko.

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