IAEA inspection at the Institute for Safety Problems of NPP

   Functioning of the ISP NPP of NAS of Ukraine is under the constant control of the Department for Nuclear Safety and Security of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

   From 6 to 7 September, 2017 by inspectors of Vienna International Center (IAEA) Diego Manzipe Jimenez and Syn Chong Sin there were conducted inspection surveys of the territories of Institute, areas of laboratories and office premises in Kyiv and Chornobyl in order to verify the absence of undeclared nuclear material and those institution activity mismatching to statutory tasks. From ISP NPP work of inspectors was provided by Director Anatoly Nosovskiy, Deputy Director Volodymyr Scherbin, Assistant Director Fedir Khrustaliov, Head of Department Valery Khan, Head of sector Yuri Vertkov and Director of the Special Engineering and Design Department Vitaly Tovstonogov.

    During the inspection, the IAEA inspectors became familiar with the Institute activities, the scientific and practical capabilities of the research laboratories, and carried out the necessary examinations and measurements by means of special equipment.

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