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Book presentation “Chernobyl Zone through the eyes of stalker”

    Recently the Ukrainian publishing house «SKY HORSE» presented a book into the world consideration «Chernobyl Zone through the eyes of stalker», one of the authors of which is an scientist from the ISP NPP Sergiy Paskevich. Book is well illustrated with pictures which are exactly 100 in publication and contains descriptions of the places of interest of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. It is a peculiar guide to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone makes the reader aquainted not only with objects related to ChNPP and works on the elimination of the 1986 accident, but also with objects and locations of historical and cultural significance.







    The story of the current state of abandoned cities and villages of the Chernobyl Region illustrates the irreversible dramatic events of thirty years ago and serves as a good example of the role of man and his activities for the environment.

   Work of the book involved scientists of ISP NPP as far as the main idea of research during the scientific investigation is not only obtain the new knowledge but bring them into the public. But just enlightenment in science contributes to formation in society of correct concept of a world.

    The publication contains stories about objects that were secret during the Soviet period, and just now became open to the public. Their story is covered with a shroud of mystery, and set out in the research book reveal unknown fragments of this historical mosaic.

   The book can be interestiong for researchers of the history of Chernobyl region, Chernobyl NPP and for those who are attracted by the silence of the deserted Chernobyl world, struck by the radioactive touch of a peaceful atom.

    For the purchase of the book «Chernobyl Zone through the eyes of stalker» please follow the link http://chornobyl.in.ua/chernobylskaya-zona-glazami-stalkera.html

Presentation of book «Chernobyl Zone through the eyes of stalker»: from left to right – Paskevich S., Vishnevskiy D., Stepanets K.
Discussion of the book with readers.

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