Interesting Cherobyl – Chornobyl and Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Guide


Popular scientific book «Interesting Chernobyl. 100 Symbols» which includes stories about cities and villages of Chornobyl exclusion zone was published in 2019. Serhii Paskevych scientist of the ISP NPP is one of the authors of the book. Short description of the main Chornobyl exclusion zone sights is given on its pages. These objects are exactly those places, which tourists want to see today. It is symbolic that in the year of the book publication over 100 thousand tourists visited Chornobyl exclusion zone. The guide is oriented on English speaking auditory. Interesting Chernobyl opens new parts of miscellaneous history of Ukraine.

Remains of Soviet “cultural layer” expressed in neglected monuments, machinery, abandoned buildings create isolated conglomerates among thousands of square kilometers of territories abandoned by human. Today Pryp`yat is the main magnet which attracts people. It excites imagination with total absence of people in perfect, created completely by human being environment. Broad avenue, modern concrete high-rise buildings as well as thoroughly considered infrastructure of Pryp`yat became symbol of Soviet comfort. In one night, the city became excessively dangerous, fatal for the human. Perhaps this particular tragic metamorphosis fascinates and attracts attention of people, catches their souls with irretrievability of local collapse.

The book gives the complete idea of Chornobyl exclusion zone and acquaints not only with remains of the past but also with unique object of wildlife, occurrence of which relates to radiation catastrophe – “Red forest”.

Also book tells about unique military facility, metal towers of which over 50 years obstinately rise over Polissya forests. Radar created by Soviet engineers became a culmination in strategic confrontation between empires.

The book contains information on cultural heritage, which is extant to us in the form of churches, neglected ancient cemeteries and mounds. The book saturated with colorful pictures, conveys color of ancient artefacts many of which have become symbols of lost culture.

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