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Joint Development of Ukrainian and Chinese Engineers

Within the international cooperation between the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants of the NAS of Ukraine and Chinese company Qingdao Xianchu Energy Development Group, Ltd., technical visit to China of the group of specialists (Andrii Sadovnikov and Yurii Lytvyn) from the Department for Remotely Controlled Complexes and Technologies was conducted from October 21 till November 13, 2019. During the visit, Ukrainian and Chinese specialists continued the development of the device IITA (Incore Instrument Thimble Assemblies) for detector extraction from AP1000 reactor zone, which is planned to be implemented at the Hainan NPP.

Due to the complex technical conditions of the device operation, hydraulic system assemblies, where distilled water was used as working fluid, were designed and selected. Consultations with producers of hydraulic systems in Hangzhou and Shanghai were conducted. It gave the possibility to choose potential producer of the device.

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