Participation of scientists from ISP NPP in the IAEA workshop

   On 12-14 September 2017 there was held a workshop with IAEA experts’ participation within the framework of measures on decommissioning of the 1-3 Units of the Chornobyl NPP. The main task of the IAEA mission consisted in discussion issues of scientific supports concerning the decommissioning of nuclear power generating plants. IAEA experts shared European experience on decommissioning of nuclear power units and spent fuel and radioactive waste management at the workshop that was held in Slavutych and ChNPP.

   The workshop activity with foreign and Ukrainian participants, including scientists from the ISP NPP, was oriented towards helping ChNPP to develop a «Scientific Support Program for the Chornobyl NPP Decommissioning». This document should help in solution the pressing technical and technological problems facing the Chornobyl NPP when decommissioning.

    During the workshop two reports were presented by employees of the ISP NPP concerning the issues of the Chernobyl NPP decommissioning.

    The head of Decommissioning Department Andriy Sizov presented the report «Work experience at the site of the SSE “ChNPP”», in which he represented to participants the engagement of the Institute in the project of final closure and conservation of the 1-3 Units of ChNPP.

   The head of Sector for Radiological Defence Optimization, Paskevich Sergiy, familiarized the participants with the environmental consequences after taking out of service the cooling pond of Chernobyl NPP. Report «Environmental aspects at taking out of service the cooling pond of ChNPP» represented results of research the current state of cooling pond and proposals introduced to be implemented under the «Scientific Support Program for the Chornobyl NPP Decommissioning».

   In the framework of the IAEA workshop there was conducted a survey of the industrial site of ChNPP and facilities for decommissioning.

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