International Conference on Radiobiology

   Employees of Department for Design of Object with Nuclear and Radiation Technologies participated in the International Scientific Conference “RADIOBIOLOGY: MODERN PROBLEMS” which was held on September 26-27, 2019 in Gomel (Republic of Belarus) at the State Scientific Institution of the Institute of Radiobiology NAS of Belarus.

   Scientists from Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine and other countries have presented reports on basic and applied research on radiobiology in such fields as agriculture, forestry, sanitary, radiation and technogenic safety, etc.

   Report of Ukrainian scientists, Paskevech S. A. and Gorodetsky D. V., was devoted to the problems of decommissioning of the Chornobyl NPP, namely the radioecological consequences of the drainage of the Chornobyl cooler pool and the way of minimizing radiation influences on the environment. The report contained exemplary aspects of the use of research findings, which aroused interest and debate among scholars and was highlighted as an important integrated scientific and applied development.

   During the communication with Belarusian colleagues, interesting suggestions were received on methodological assistance to solve the problems of afforestation of the drained sandy areas of the Chornobyl cooler pool.

   According to the results of the conference, it can be concluded that the development made by scientists of the ISP NPP, which was submitted for consideration by the international scientific community, was carried out at a relatively high scientific and technical level.

   The author of the photos Anastasia Shklyarova, Institute of Radiobiology, NAS of Belarus.

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