European Aerosol Conference (EAC 2019)

    On 25-30 of August 2019, the Annual European Aerosol Conference (EAC 2019) was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is a forum for sharing experiences and presenting new results in theoretical, experimental and applied aerosol research. The Conference was organized by the Northern Aerosol Research Society (NOSA) and the Gothenburg Air and Climate Research Network.

    The topics were presented at plenary sessions on five directs: aerosol technology, study of atmospheric aerosols, methods of measurement of aerosols, aerosols and health, basic aerosol processes and nine special sessions. They reflected the main ways of development of aerosol science, the impact of industry growth to aerosols atmospheric pollution, application of new methods and devices to sample and study of aerosol characterization, etc. The Conference was attended by about 1,000 leading researchers, engineers and scientists from more than 50 countries, about 400 reports were heard and over 600 posters presented.

    Oleksandr Kalynovsky, the Chief of Sector of Analytical Methods Spectrometry, Ph. D., represented the Institute for Safety Problems of NPPs of the NAS of Ukraine. He presented the poster «Application of two-layer filters to estimate dispersion content of aerosols in ground-level air».

    As the whole, the Annual European Aerosol Conference was a successful and its aims were reached.

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