Training Course in IAEA Headquarter

    Training course “Use of Noble Gases in Hydrological Studies” was held in the IAEA Headquarter in Vienna from October 29 until November 2, 2018. The training course was conducted by lecturers Rolf Kipfer and Takuya Matsumoto.

     The way of using results of analyzing the concentration of each noble gas (3He, 4He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe) to create conceptual model of groundwater recharge, flow and discharge was explained. Also was explained how to use noble gases as tracers.

The program of the course included a visit to Seibersdorf laboratory of the IAEA to show results of scientific equipment operation and methods of samplings.

     Specialists from Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines, Thailand and Tunisia participated in the training course. D.T. Matrosov as a representative of the ISP NPP participated in the training course at invitation of the IAEA.
     On the last day of training all participants had possibility to make a report, presentation or to suggest their own issues for consideration. D. T. Matrosov made a presentation about spatial distribution of tritium in the groundwater near the New Safe Confinement of the Shelter object. The presented results indicated on change of direction of tritium distribution after cooling-pond decommissioning and the decrease of volume activity after installation of the New Safe Confinement. The presentation aroused lively interest of lecturers and audience.



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