Neutron Diagnostics of a Substance in the Liquid State

A classification of substance in the liquid state is presented. The methods of neutron diagnostics of the liquid state of substance are considered. The methods of neutron diagnostics are based on the study of the full scattering cross section or the total neutron absorption cross section, as well as on the study of differential and double differential cross sections of neutron scattering. It is shown that neutron diagnostics allows to determine the structure, equilibrium and kinetic properties of liquids and liquid systems. Moreover, in contrast to optical or X-ray diagnostics, which do not have such classes of liquids as ionic (salt melts), ion-electronic (liquid metals and their alloys), neutron diagnostics is capable of describing the physical picture of any liquid or liquid system.

For researchers and engineers in the field of nuclear physics and nuclear energy, as well as for students and postgraduate students in the physical and technical specialties of universities.


L. A. Bulavin


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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