Neutronography of Magnetic Liquid Systems

Types of magnetic fluid systems, technology of synthesis and perspectives of their application in medicine are considered. A special attention is paid to stabilization of the ferrofluids, namely by charge and by surfactant. A detailed description of the method of small-angle neutron scattering in the structural diagnostics of magnetic fluids is carried out, the features of neutron diffraction in the investigation of multicomponent and polydisperse ferrofluids are listed as well. Structural parameters of magnetic liquid systems are described depending on the conditions of their synthesis and methods of stabilization. It is analyzed the relationship between stability of ferrofluids and their structure at nanoscale. Opportunities of the newest method of neutron reflectometry for studies of liquid nanosystems are given.

For scientists, engineers and technicians working in the field of physics of liquids, nuclear physics and nuclear power, as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate students of physical and physical-technical specialties of universities.


L. A. Bulavin
M. V. Avdeev
O. O. Kliuchnykov
A. V. Nagornyi
V. I. Petrenko


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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