Physical Modeling of Atmospherical Emergency Releases (Measurement of Lagrangian Turbulence Characteristics)

Diffusion experiment results simulating emergency releases in atmosphere surface and boundary layers are addressed. Interpretation of measurements was carried out as based on Lagrangian similarity hypothesis and theory of homogeneous turbulence. Universal empirical constants were obtained. A model is described for calculating diffusion parameters and admixture concentration field from diverse sources in near-surface atmosphere layer. The estimates are compared to independent measurements of admixture concentration. Simultaneous measurements of Eulerian and Lagrangian turbulence characteristics in atmosphere boundary layer allowed assessing turbulence scales in Lagragian variables for conditions close to neutral stratification.

The monograph is intended for experts in the area of physics of atmosphere, environmental protection, radiation and ecological safety services.


E. K. Garger


This post is also available in: Ukrainian

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